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Real strategies for your equity compensation.

For years, professionals have lost out on financial opportunities because they don't have a plan for how to manage their equity compensation. It's time that changed.

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What we do for employees with equity compensation plans

Plan-Specific Strategy

Whether you own Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), have stock through an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP), 401(k), or have a deferred compensation plan, we'll help define a specific strategy for you.

Tax Efficiency Planning

Many professionals pay more in taxes by simply not having a plan or understanding of their benefits. We'll build you a personal financial plan to take better advantage of these benefits.

Investment Management

Depending on your plan, we'll help diversify your equity compensation across multiple investments to take advantage of additional earning opportunities available to you.


Get a real plan that you understand.

Many professionals have easily ignored some of the best financial opportunities available to them for their future: their equity compensation plans. With the right strategies, equity compensation can be an incredible source of wealth. We work with professionals to build strategies for their equity compensation plans. Take us at our word: if you use our strategies and don't have more money in the end, we've failed.

Get a free plan

Start with a free plan.

Learn what's available to you as an employee at your company, how to utilize your equity compensation, and where to start.

Get a free plan

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