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401(k) and Retirement Plans

We help make retirement plans simple.

We are in the business to help make a brighter financial future for you, for your employees, for us all!

At Cappuccino Financial, we bring the knowledge and experience in all aspects of plan operations, including design features, service provider liason, analyzing fees, open-architecture investment recommendations, managing plan conversions and vendor benchmarking. We seek to meet a broad range of employee plan participants’ needs through investment education and communications.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, partnership, or have employees, your retirement plan should be tailored to your specific business goals.

If your company’s 401 (k) is turning in lackluster performance, or employees are not utilizing the benefit as much as intended, it may be time to consider what else is available. At Cappuccino Financial, we concentrate on small business owners (500 employees or less). You may find that switching to a specialized 401k Plan Advisor can help you get more from your plan.

If you're interested in what a custom 401(k) plan might look like for your business, start with a 401(k) Plan Fee Analysis.

We'll build you a free custom report that gives you clarity on:

  • Your current 401(k) plan pricing and service compared to ours
  • If you don't have a 401(k) plan, we'll build a custom offering specific to your business
  • Recommendations from advisors who work every day with driven professionals and business owners

All it takes is a 30-minute video call to get started. 


A properly constructed retirement plan should accomplish the following objectives:

  • Maximize contributions and benefits for owners and key executives
  • Incentivizes employees to save for retirement
  • Aligns employer contributions to the plan with company profitability
  • Recruits and retains top talent
  • Educates employees about retirement planning, investing and other financial concepts
  • Transparent fee structure
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